The Stages a Narcissist and an Empath Go Through In Romantic Relationships

If there are two types of people that are different in this world, it’s the empath and the narcissist. They’re worlds apart and still they often find themselves drawn together.

Empaths are the type of people who are hyper sensitive to the emotions of everyone around them. They feel other people’s emotions and experiences as their own. This being said, narcissists are the complete opposite of them. They’re self-centered and don’t care about anyone and anything else but themselves. They have the power of manipulation and use it to get others to tend to their needs and desires.

So how is it that these two opposites end up together?

There are a number of reasons why empaths are drawn to narcissists but the most important one is the fact that narcissists are damaged people. They are broken inside and the empaths feel this and want to jump in and help them get better. Before they realize that the narcissists don’t need anyone’s help, it’s too late – they’re drawn in the vicious circle of abuse.

The relationship between an empath and a narcissist starts strong and evolves as time passes by. As it grows they go through some difficult stages before the empath finally realizes there’s no use of trying to help.

The Stages a Narcissist and an Empath Go Through In Romantic Relationships:
The Attraction Stage

The empath is attracted by the narcissists and they hit it off. They’re drawn together as the empath feels needed by someone. The empath starts to develop strong feelings for the narcissist and the narcissist enjoys that love even though he never plans on reciprocating. On the outside the relationship seems near perfect, but on the inside it’s far from it.

The Deception Stage

The relationship grows and evolves and the empath feels as if they’ve finally made the right choice in love. They feel connected to the narcissist and even loved by him. The narcissist is a master of deception and he will play along as the perfect match for the empath. He will pretend that they love the same things, they need the same things and the same goals in life. But underneath that façade is nothing but a desire to be in control.

The Manipulation and Desire for Control Stage

As time passes by the narcissist will try to undermine his partner confidence and self-esteem. They’ll drop a comment here and there, doubt his choices now and again and simply plant a seed of doubt in the subconsciousness of the empath. This is when the narcissist will start taking over the control. The empath will start feeling weak and dependent on the narcissist, while the narcissist will thrive. This is when the relationship enters the vicious cycle of manipulation.

The Endless Cycle Stage

Once the narcissist assumes control, the relationship starts revolving about him. It’s all about his need, his desires, his decisions and nothing the empath says is taken into consideration. This is when the empath will start sensing something is off but worried not to hurt his partner he will say nothing. He will continue to please the narcissist and adhere to his wishes. But the more he tries to please the narcissist the more the narcissist assumes control. The endless cycle begins and the empath will slowly start to become drained.

The Vocalization Stage

The empath will hit his breaking point and speak up to express his concerns. He will admit that the relationship is draining him as a result of the way the narcissist treats him.

The ‘You’re Crazy’ Stage

The narcissist can’t allow the empath to realize the real nature of their relationship so he needs to shut it down. He will start calling the empath crazy and delusional in order to break their spirit down and restore their control over them.

The Mental Abuse Stage

This kind of behavior from the narcissist will strike the empath hard. He will not be able to understand what’s happening and he will believe everything that’s wrong in the relationship is their fault. The narcissist will not try to convince them otherwise as this kind of behavior suits him. The empath will blame himself for everything and the narcissist will push him to the brink of madness.

The Realization

After a while the empath will start to heal himself in absence of any other choice. Once the healing begins he will start to understand the true nature of the relationship he has. He will understand that the narcissist is only concerned about himself and nothing else. He will realize that the narcissist is not deserving of his love, support and nurture. He will finally understand the emptiness of the word love when it’s coming from someone like the narcissist.

The Break Up and the End

Once the realization stage is over the empath will finally figure out who’s the victim in their relationship. He will understand that this is the end and that their relationship has reached a point of no return. It will be a painful realization for the empath but a necessary one if he wants to break free from the clutches of the narcissist. He will finally be able to exit this toxic relationship and start recovering from its aftermath.